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Corporate Law

How do you set up a business? Which kind of business structure should you chose? We can help answer those questions, and get you started with your venture.

Contract Law

The saying "good contracts create good relationships", is more relevant today than ever. Contracts are agreements that help business run smoothly, mitigate risk, and protect interests. We can help you build the right contract for your situtation.

Maritime Law

Maritime law covers a range of topics, from shipping goods and passengers by sea to marine commerce and shipping and navigation law. Have a question that concerns any of these topics? Contact us and see how we can help.

Services for Veterans

Members of the Canadian Forces are an important part of our community. We offer services geared to former and current members and their unique needs, including assistance with navigating Veterans Affairs Canada.

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While we are a fully mobile firm, our home office is located in beautiful downtown Pembroke, at the heart of the Ottawa Valley.

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